Loving the Stranger Book Review

I’ve recently become friends with Tabitha McDuffee, the powerhouse behind Faith and Forced Migration blog. She regularly produces thoughtful, well-researched pieces on refugees and our response to them.

As I consider her blog one of the best resources out there for people interested in educating themselves on these issues, she is featured on our resource page and I hope to invite her to share here on Loving the Stranger blog as well.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that this blog continues the conversation started by my book, Loving the Stranger: Welcoming Immigrants in the Name of Jesus, but maybe you’re wondering: what is the book about?

Today, Tabitha did me the honor of reviewing my book on her blog. Here’s a snippet…

Jessica Udall begins her self-published book, Loving the Stranger by telling her readers that the words she has written come from her heart. But after completing her book last week I would have known without a doubt that it was written from her heart, even if she had not explicitly said so. Jessica has spent over a decade loving and serving immigrants; she has also become an immigrant herself, living in Africa for a time with her Ethiopian husband.  She understands both roles in the story of strangers and welcomers, and she has seen first hand how they can transform one another in beautiful ways.

In Loving the Stranger, Jessica shares dozens of practical tips for loving immigrants well…

Click to continue reading Tabitha’s review over at Faith and Forced Migration Blog!


  1. Send me a review copy and I will cover it to my readers and also consider ordering it for sale on my book table. My address, Overseas Students Mission, 257 Bob Finley Way, Charlottesville, VA 22903


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