Help Us Expand Loving the Stranger Blog (in Less than 5 Minutes!)


It’s been two months since I started Loving the Stranger Blog, and what an amazing summer it has been! I’ve enjoyed connecting with you over our shared passion for welcoming immigrants in the Name of Jesus.

I’ve published 39 posts ranging from experiential essays to practical tips-lists, book reviews to interviews, and I’m more convinced than ever that NOW is the time for us to come together in community to cheer each other on as we engage in the work of welcome.

That’s what I want Loving the Stranger Blog to be, going forward—a place of community and connection for those who are loving and serving internationals, providing quality articles and resources to inform, inspire, and encourage you in your work!

I’ve got plans to expand the capacity of this blog to do just that, but I can’t expand it alone. I’d like to ask you to consider helping in one (or more!) of these ways.

Each takes less than 5 minutes to do, but would be a huge help in expanding our community and the number of resources we can create!

  1. Become a patron on Patreon. For as little as $1/month, you can be instrumental in making this blog’s expansion possible. Plus, you get some pretty cool rewards for being a patron. Visit our Patreon page to learn more.
  2. If you like a post, share it. You could do this by simply sharing on your own social media page (by the way, I’m “Jessie Udall” on Facebook, “jessieudall” on Instagram, and @loveimmigrants on Twitter), OR you could send a link to a friend or two who you know would be interested.
  3. Send in ideas for future posts! Your idea could be for a post you hope I’ll write (maybe about an issue your organization or church is dealing with right now), a post you’d like to write as a guest writer, or a resource you think I should review. Pooling our ideas will help Loving the Stranger Blog continue to be relevant and helpful with every single post.

As always, thanks for reading and being part of this community as we grow together! It means a lot to have you here with me at the beginning of this journey.

Let’s trust God together as we partner to expand the content and community of Loving the Stranger Blog going forward!

Welcoming with you,


P.S. A bonus way to help Loving the Stranger Blog is to subscribe so you don’t miss any posts! If you haven’t done that, click here to subscribe! Would love to stay connected with you in this way. 🙂




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