Saying YES to Perspective

A few months ago I had one of 2018’s most encouraging phone conversations.

Yonathan Moya connected with me through Twitter and I began to learn about his ministry while preparing for our phone call. Yonathan’s parents have been leading Iglesia Misionera Cristo Vive (Living Christ Missionary Church), an immigrant church ministering and serving marginalized communities on the U.S./Mexico border, for 25 years.

Yonathan and his brothers grew up on the border, and now work in partnership with the church to run Border Perspective, whose goal is to “transform the immigration conversation and influence people of faith to make informed decisions about how to handle the complex political environment surrounding the border and the perception of immigrants living among us.”

After we chatted about our backstories, Yonathan asked if I would become a regular contributor to the Border Perspective blog. My answer was an immediate yes.

Border Perspective is about so many of the things that Loving the Stranger is about. We say yes to many of the same things.

Yes to humanizing, empowering, and learning from immigrants.

Yes to nuance instead of kneejerks.

Yes to practical action on behalf of the vulnerable taking precedence in our daily lives over philosophical arguments.

Yes to asking good questions and listening to answers from various “sides” in search of life-affirming solutions.

Yes to relationship building and first-hand experiences as the surest path to wisdom.

I’ll be contributing several book reviews to Border Perspective in the next few months to help create a resource bank for those who want to thoughtfully and humbly engage a thorny issue from a learner’s perspective.

Here’s the first one–not a review exactly, since it’s on my own book! More like a summary. Click for the post, stay for the great opportunities and truly top-notch photography.

Follow them on social media to get these reviews and to stay up to date with some exciting future projects they have in store!



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