Review: Who Is My Neighbor?

I am a Googler. A Yelp-er. A reader of Amazon reviews.

Before I enter into anything new, I want to read about other people’s experiences.

You too?

We have the opportunity to do just that—to learn from the experiences of people who have been immersed in ministry among internationals—by reading Who Is My Neighbor: Reaching Internationals in North America by Phillip and Kandace Connor.

The Connors worked for several years in Montreal, Canada, engaging in ministry among immigrants from all over the world. “Making disciples of internationals requires more faith in God than learned skills,” say the Connors in the introduction. “However, there are a few things we did learn along the way that may help you on your journey.”

And the rest of the book goes on to lay out for you the things they learned through earnest prayer and some trial and error. It’s like getting a coaching session with experts for the price of the coffee you would have bought them!

The Connors are just brimming with helpful information. At the end of each chapter are sections called “More Bible” (verses to dig deeper into the principles they have laid out), “More Resources” (books and websites to learn more about the topic of the chapter), and “More Ideas” (practical ideas for how to implement what was talked about in the chapter in your daily ministry).

I particularly appreciate the Connors’ focus on prayer as the bedrock for any effective ministry. Being sensitive to the Spirit trumps any set agenda or formula. They share many compelling stories showing the way God orchestrates even the smallest of details to cultivate intentional community with immigrants if we are sensitive to His Spirit and flexible to how He leads.

Practical wisdom on planting contextualized churches among immigrants in North America is perhaps the most unique and helpful contribution of the book. Explorations of what hospitality and advocacy look like practically when seeking to love and serve immigrants are also valuable.

This little book is a hidden gem that is well-worth your time to seek out. 

Buy your copy of Who Is My Neighbor: Reaching Internationals in North America here!

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