3 Family-Friendly Resources for Welcomers

Do you want your kids to grow in their cultural awareness? I know I do! I want my kids to grow up knowing the world is a very big, beautiful place.

Here are some family friendly resources—a show and two books—to share with your kids (and enjoy yourself!) today:

Families/Children of the World (free on Amazon Prime):

These two shows follows children in many countries around the world, watching them go through a normal day–eating breakfast, going to school, shopping, playing, spending time with family, etc.

We have invited a Mexican friend over for lunch tomorrow, and I’m hoping to watch the Mexico episode with my 4 year old this afternoon!

Watch Familes of the World here!

Watch Children of the World here! 

This is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World by Matt Lamothe

Same concept as the show mentioned above: the real lives of seven kids—from Italy, India, Iran, Japan, Peru, Uganda and Russia—are depicted in gorgeous and detailed illustrations which I suspect were rendered from actual photographs.

True confession: I got this out of the library to read to my son, but ended up reading it myself before he woke up from his nap—it was that intriguing and interesting!

Buy here!

Children Just Like Me: A New Celebration of Children Around the World

I have not technically read this book, but I credit the older version of the book for first getting me interested in different cultures when I read (and re-read!) it as an elementary schooler growing up in a rural Maine community where everyone looked like me.

For YEARS I have been saying that they should update the book, and lo and behold, they have! Written in a style similar to Usborne books, the book features photos and captions giving glimpses of life in many different countries from a child’s perspective. If this book is anything like the original one, it will be a fascinating read that will bring up interesting conversation topics!

Buy here!


What are YOUR favorite family friendly resources for welcomers?

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