3 Links + 3 Most Popular Posts of 2019

During the season of Advent, we look back and we look forward. Here on the blog, let’s look back a moment. Here are the 3 most popular posts of 2019, in case you missed them (or in case you need a moment of quiet reading in the midst of a busy holiday season):

Looking forward to Christmas and 2020, here are a few links you may enjoy:

Here’s to a new year, friends. I am praying for you. Here’s a benediction drawn from Hebrews 13 to close the year and begin a new decade of Jesus-following welcome. Onward!

One comment

  1. Beautiful, Jessie! Thank you for sharing again some of the powerful posts from the past!

    How are you feeling today? How can I best pray for you?

    Pat ________________________________


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