Review: The Spiritually Vibrant Home

Recently, Barna partnered with Lutheran Hour Ministries to assess what are the common denominators in households that are “spiritually vibrant,” and they put their findings into the book The Spiritually Vibrant Home: The Power of Messy Prayers, Loud Tables, and Open Doors.

“What you hold in your hands is not a memoir, a theological treatise, a recipe book or a blog about life hacks,” author Don Everts says in the introduction. “But it is reminiscent of each because the reality is our hearts and our faith and our houses are all thoroughly interconnected.”

Everts’ explanation of the key practices of spiritually vibrant homes–namely practicing spiritual disciplines together, having spiritual conversations, and regularly welcoming others into your home who may not be related to you–manages to be inspiring yet down to earth.

He is honest about where his family and others he knows have struggled in implementing these things, but he also casts vision for the great potential of households being used to grow disciples of Jesus and gives practical suggestions for how to move towards more spiritual vibrancy step by step. Specific resources are also listed at the end of each chapter for further reading.

I would recommend this as a discussion tool for those who are beginning to consider a lifestyle of hospitality but are not sure where to start. Might be ideal for a small group or Sunday school or book club.

It does not specifically mention cross-cultural hospitality, but the principles hold true regardless as its seeking to shift our mentality towards communal spirituality.

The Spiritually Vibrant Home is a quick read that will challenge you long after you put it back on the shelf.

Buy your copy of The Spiritually Vibrant Home here!




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