FREE Course: 21st Century Mission in Global Crises

Crisis. That word seems to define the times we’re living in, doesn’t it? How can we respond as believers? How do we live as bearers of hope in a hurting world?

Join us for Columbia International University’s summer class which will be taught over Facebook live June 29th-August 21st (Mon, Thurs, 12-12:40p). It’s available for free or for undergrad or grad credit (50% off normal tuition)!

I’ll be teaching the week on ministry among immigrants, but I’m planning on tuning in to watch all the other great classes on caring for souls in times of crisis, sharing the gospel in times of crisis, planting churches in times of crisis, disaster relief, and much more!

Also, taking this course would give you a taste of what CIU’s MA in Global Migration Studies would be like. Some of the same professors, same academically rigorous yet relevantly practical style, same missional focus.

To find out more about this summer course, check out this promo video.

If you have any questions or are interested in signing up, contact Ed Smither at!

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