Review: Religion and Migration

How does religion relate to migration? Answering this question from a Christian perspective is both sobering and heartening.

Christians are haunted by a past that was all too mixed-up with colonialism. At the same time, they are called to an ancient path of hospitality even while living as pilgrims in the world. In today’s climate rife with polarized debate, Christians often struggle to know how to engage important issues. Consequently, this leads to disengagement. 

Religion and Migration seeks to break from the dichotomistic nature of many discussions of global migration and the flat characterization of migrants either as “passive and powerless victims” or “dangerous villains” (p. 11).

The book purposes to thoughtfully engage a variety of perspectives that shed light on complex realities in order to clarify Christian thinking and show a way forward for constructive engagement.

Read the rest of my review of Religion and Migration over at Themelios!

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