Loneliness and Hospitality (Interview with Mekdes Haddis)

In today’s interview, missiologist Mekdes Haddis talks about her experience of loneliness and hospitality in the United States and her ideas regarding what American believers can do to cultivate a relational (rather than a transactional) kind of hospitality in their lives, believing the promise that by showing hospitality, “some have entertained angels unaware” (Hebrews 13:2).

Mekdes is a sought-after Ethiopian missiologist with significant experience in the Western evangelical context. She’s involved in writing, coaching, training, and consulting in the area of reshaping western missionary efforts so that they do good rather than harm. She is also about to graduate with her Masters of Organizational Leadership from Columbia International University. You can follow her at www.mekdeshaddis.com and on Instagram @mekdeshaddis.   

Watch the 4-part interview here!

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