The Shaping Power of Cross-Cultural Interaction (Interview with Tyler White)

Contact with people who are different than we are–whether different in age, in culture, or in belief–can be incredibly effective in dissolving stereotypes and giving us a broader perspective than we otherwise would have.

Today, I’m interviewing Tyler White about his book, Contact: The Shaping Power of Intentional Interaction on YouTube. I reviewed Tyler’s book a few months back, but tune in today to hear his personal why for writing the book, who the book is for, and the powerful benefits of cross-cultural interaction in a divided world.

Tyler White has been engaged in multicultural work environments and communities in the Atlanta area for several years and more recently in Texas. He has spent time working for a refugee resettlement agency and also works in the field of cultural exchange. He and I are also in the same PhD program at Columbia International University (check them out if you want more education in the area of Intercultural Studies!).

Watch Tyler’s interview here!

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