Review: The Hopeful Neighborhood

In the past few years, America’s surgeon general has coined the the term “the loneliness epidemic” to describe the gnawing feeling of disconnection that Americans feel without knowing why. In his book, The Hopeful Neighborhood: What Happens When Christians Pursue the Common Good, Don Everts tells of being convicted by a Wendell Berry novel that despite wanting to love their neighbors in an abstract way, they had begun living “above place” — that is, disconnected from their actual neighbors in their particular neighborhood.

Everts explores what it would look like for American Christians to swim against the tide of isolation and instead actively pursue the common good in the places God has ordained for them to live and sleep. This is “a grounded and integrated life” which leads to increased connection and mutual flourishing among people and brings glory to God.

Weaving together Scripture, history, personal stories, and sociological research, Everts’ knowledgeable and accessible tone casts and hope-filled vision along with practical steps to get started pursuing the common good in your own neighborhood. The book is accompanied by a robust and engaging field guide filled with discussion questions, exercises, and video links designed to be used by individuals or groups.

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to stop living “above place” and instead to deeply engage with the community where they live and sleep for the common good of people and the glory of God.

Click here to buy your copy of The Hopeful Neighborhood (Field Guide is sold separately!)

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