New Website: Immigrant Ministry Connections!

Often in welcoming ministry, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. John Yoder is trying to change that.

This month, he launched Immigrant Ministry Connections, and I urge you to check it out! This site is full of how-to articles (I wrote one here), helpful links, and national and local resources.

I believe that going forward, the local resources section is going to be the best part of the website, because it will allow for connection between people who want to be involved in welcoming immigrants but may not have had a way to connect before!

So often, I hear the question, “I want to get involved in welcoming immigrants in Alabama—but how do I start?” I used to hem and haw, not knowing exactly what to say to someone if I hadn’t lived in their state myself, but now I know what to do—I’ll point them to the Immigrant Ministry Connections website!

Take a moment to sign up for an account for the site, and send information that you have about organizations which are local to your area to so that we can help build up the local resource directory!

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