Jumpstarting Church Momentum (NEW Training!)

It’s not secret that the number of American churchgoers is in decline. Yet immigrant churches in America are growing.

In his new training, John Yoder of Immigrant Ministry Connections brings out the fact that “American churches that serve alongside immigrant congregations experience greater momentum.”

Why is this, and how can YOUR church begin to serve or go deeper in serving alongside immigrant congregations? This training gets practical. “By the end of the course,” John says, “you will have:

  1. Formed and equipped a task-focused team
  2. Clearly articulated a biblical vision for ministry alongside immigrant believers
  3. Built a strong working relationship with a healthy immigrant pastor
  4. Conducted a joint ministry event creating positive momentum for both churches

To check out this training visit https://www.immigrantministry.com/jumpstart by February 16th!

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