Really Readable Reference Book [The Welcomer’s Bookshelf Series]

Confusing. Overwhelming. Puzzling. Strange.

These are the words that come to mind when I think about my own vicarious journey through the US immigration system by the side of my Ethiopian fiancé, then husband.

We hired an attorney to help us through the labyrinthine process, because—we were advised—it was foolhardy not to, since one tiny misunderstanding or mistake on the mountains of paperwork could result in months of delay or worse.

Simply understanding immigration issues seems nearly as complex as immigrating oneself! It seems like you need an expert to guide you if you’re going to get an accurate grasp on the realities and challenges that have faced and continue to face the US regarding this issue.

Dale Hanson Bourke is just such an expert guide, and she has published  Immigration: Tough Questions, Direct Answers (The Skeptic’s Guide) as a helpful resource for anyone who is seeking to be informed to inform others on matters pertaining to immigrants and immigration.

This compact book is concise yet comprehensive (though it obviously is missing information about the many developments since the 2014 publication date). Written in an engaging and accessible Q&A style, it seeks to “shed light without adding heat” to conversations about immigration.

I read the book in 24 hours—though it is a reference book, it’s a quick and enjoyable read. I certainly will be coming back to the book to get answers to questions that people have and detailed and specific information—definitions, statistics, historical background, etc.—that are relevant to things I’m writing or teaching.

This book is an excellent addition to the shelf of anyone who is interested in topics related to immigrants and immigration, and even more essential for those who teach or write about immigrants or immigration in any capacity.

Buy Immigration: Tough Questions, Direct Answers (The Skeptic’s Guide) here!

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